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Syria Damascus University as reformer and solution oriented to bring in something new. The problem of air pollution road transport and traffic  especially on the basis of personal transportation energy consumption carried out in an environmentally friendly design. In recent years, an inexhaustible source of emerging and is claimed to be the biggest star in the future, so this project has implemented thanks to the sun. Of course, a lot of resources and statistics utilized in this regard.


Statistics show that the number of cars per capital in Syria is still low, but that the figure has more than doubled since 2004.  Syria also suffers inadequate public transport provision, poor infrastructure and the absence of suitable traffic management systems, with the average speed of road transport in Damascus at about 4-5 km/h. This car makes approximately 200 km with a single charge and has a top speed of 80 km/h.


Only until very recently, a comprehensive network for the continuous monitoring of air pollutants has been lacking. These sources reviews, collates and synthesises the results of numerous studies of Syrian road transport, with an emphasis on air pollution Syria`s transport and energy production sectors. It is revealed that what studies that have been done show that the air quality in Syrian urban areas falls below established national air quality standards, especially during winter when the demand for heating is high.


The paper proposes a number of suggestions to improve air quality in Syria by using greener and more public transport, promoting rational and efficient energy consumption in all sectors, taking advantage of available renewable energy resources, establishing an active network for routine measurement of pollution, setting local emissions standards that are in line with international standards and which are supported by the imposition of penalties, fines or taxation on polluting agents. (Source / Collage: Internet)



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