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Ihlas Fair About

Managing its events entitled ‘Ihlas Fair Services Inc.’ our company is a well-known company with regard to offering professional solutions to the business world. Achieving its first organization by holding Textile Machinery Fair in 1988, our company taking place at the hub of business world along with its success in publication, over 80 professional fair organizations, international congress organizations, some 30 web pages and internet portals; as well as guiding its customers with its innovative and solution-focused structure.



The opportunity of partaking in a commercial platform in which the latest technology in the world and the new products produced in Turkey are altogether. The opportunity of watching various activities, which visitors can participate in, as well as symposiums and firm conferences free of charge. A broad networking opportunity with CEOs, senior managers, purchasing directors, manufacturers, consumers, domestic and foreign representatives of world solar energy sector.


Fair Coverage


Cells, modules, Inverters, measurement and control technologies, chargers, batteries, cables, connectors, connection boxes, solar tracking systems, mounting systems, installation apparatus, building integrated solutions (BIPV), “Stand Alone” systems, solar power plants, energy storage systems,  consumer products assembled with sun, wafers, material and production equipment…


Solar Heat Systems

Absorbers, coatings, collectors, connection pieces, expansion tanks, degasifier, heat transfer fluids, measurement and control technologies, mounting systems, storage tanks, production technologies and equipment, ventilation, refrigeration, building integrated solutions, heat treatment, solar thermal power plants…



Research and development, test institutes, sectoral press and other publishers, education, financing, organizations, foundations, consulters…


Experience in Fair Organization

We observe that there has been a significant change in Turkish and world economy in recent years. A new period has commenced especially with the influence of technology and globalisation. We observe that there has been an increase in the opportunities, and “business ideas provide added value” in that new period. New success stories have different characteristics than the previous ones. Brand new works that reach the value of billions of dollars and new sectors emerge in short and medium term in the world. New ideas come to forefronts not only in new product development but also in business period. In this day and time, when equality of opportunities becomes more of an issue, our company which carries out its activities as Ihlas Fuarcılık is a well-known company thanks to its professional solutions to the business world. Realising its first organisation with Textile Machines Fair in 1988, our company locates at the centre of economic world with its success in publishing, approximately 100 professional organisations in fair, international congress organization, approximately 30 web sites and portals; and it directs customers with its innovative and solution-oriented structure. As Ihlas Mağaza Grubu, we are at the position of Turkey’s longest-established sectoral publishers with our sectoral and actual publications. Submitting projects oriented to the business world, our company proceeds on its way by increasing its works and successes.


Sectoral Data



That photovoltaic power takes part in energy mixture is an inevitable fact when taking into consideration the surge in the Turkey’s energy demand and the works carried out in this direction. In the photovoltaic power sector, which is ahead of all the sectors in terms of growth rate worldwide, our country’s industry has the potential of partaking in both foreign and domestic market, and being a great actor. Initially, there is a need for substantial government assistance,  facilitating the relevant procedures and a sound road map for going through the proper channels with an intent to transfer industry stock to this field. The sharp decrease in the expenditures of photovoltaic power systems is still ongoing. Electric power produced by photovoltaic method in Turkey is close to a level which competes with “free market”  electricity fees. Founding large scale “photovoltaic power plant” has become attractive in commercial meaning in the near future. Installation of Photovoltaic Power Systems below 1000 Kwp will become a common practise.


Note: Information was taken Head of GENSED Şişecam Research and Technical Development Chairperson  Prof. Dr. Şener Oktik’s presentation at Ayazağa Campus, which dates 25.09.2013.



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